Top 5 Ways To Check Your Internet (Hathway Internet) Speed


After installing a new internet connection at home, the first thing to do is to check your internet speed

You will find many websites or applications for this but many will show different results or many are not even true but some famous and trustworthy sites will show accurate or near to accurate data on which you can rely on. Below you can see pic in which I mention Top 5 ways to check your internet speed.

  1. This is a very popular site also known as the Ookla speed test. Ookla speed test also available on the play store so you can do a speed test on your android mobile phone. Very easy to use and simple interface.

  2. This is my personal favorite website because this site gives very accurate data. also, this site compares net speed with different internet service providers in different time periods according to year wise so according to this Hathway Internet is on 5th position as a result of 1-sep-2020 date.

  3. I myself do not use this website much but people use it often. This Website is owned by a popular video streaming website known as Netflix and they made the design simple. you have to just open the website and ‘boom’ your internet speed test start, no bothering for click on start, go, or any other buttons.

  4. Hathway Broadband App:- Most people do not trust their own internet service provider speed test result but Hathaway has made their speed test result very accurate for their customers so that customers get confidence and so one customer gives reference to another customer. To use this speed checker you have an account number means for that, you need to have a Hathway connection installed at your home. (Please Scroll down below if you want to apply for a new internet connection in Surat City)

  5. Google Speed Test:- Google has all answer just search “internet speed test” in the search box and you will get a speed checker on the google page itself. a very simple and handy tool for instant speed testing results.

All the above pics or say screenshot which I posted here is actually my home internet speed test result and my plan is 50 Mbps 12 months. this result may be changed with the device, Router, Range, and usage but mostly this is the same result you can also get approx same results so if you want to apply for new Hathway internet connection in surat city then call or WhatsApp me on 9054668856 (Keyur) or follow me for more updates, plans, and blogs on this below links.